Happy 43rd Wedding Anniversary

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

  1. Sammie Banks says:

    Hi Graham, saw your post about Kirsty Howard! Just to let you know, theres a large charity event that we’re organising on the 25th September in Bolton. It’s this years equivalent of the Angel Ball, and we’ve got some great prizes to give away, an auction, great entertainments, a 4 course meal, champagne and canape reception, and finishing with a Dinner Dance. All at the very classy venue of the Reebok Stadium Platinum Suite of the hotel.

    Tickets this year are priced at a fantastic price of just £40 per person!

    If you want to come and show your support for her again this year, please let me know whether you can come.

    Website is http://www.eventertainments.co.uk/TheKirstyClub/
    (isnt working in IE whilst we change hosts!) If you can get on it using Firefox or Chrome, visit http://eventertainmentskirstyclub.eventbrite.com/ instead for how to buy tickets and more about the event.

    Sammie, The Kirsty Club, and EVENTERTAINMENTS.

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