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happy 13th birthday bekki

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Happy Birthday Bekki

Lots of Love

Mum, Dad & Thom

x x x x x x x x x


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Expensive mothers day!

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My Bike broke down again on Saturday! So as Jackie’s been pestering for a new car I thought I’d take her out on Sunday to get one so I could have the Peugeot!

Apparently she really wanted a Megane (she must like shaking her ass) so after a bit of driving around we found one she liked, so now we are a two French car family, very patriotic….




So for a while I wont have to worry about my bike, Thom has already reminded me that we said he could have the peugeot when he passes his test, so I might get a month or two of trouble free motoring! 😆

happy mothers day jackie!

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Happy Mothers day, Jackie
All our love,
Graham, Thom & Bekki

b-29 crash site

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Today I went to find the wreckage of a USAF B-29 flying fortress “Overexpossed” which crashed in 1948 on top of the Snake Pass!
I can’t believe I only found out about it last week! It took about an hour of walking & climbing but as you can see from the photo’s it was well worth it!
Click here to view the pics.



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We bought Bekki a Netbook (Mini-laptop) for her Birthday today, It’s not for another 2 weeks but I found Bekki  “just checking it works”         netbook

Apparently Laptops are too big these days, god! 😳

Sorry Bex it has to go away to the Birthday fairy now 😦


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Dont you just hate it when your trying to take a photo of something and someone sticks their head in the way?