happy birthday dave….

Posted: November 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

click here > happy birthday


Another year older, keep your chin up 😆

Have a good day matey!

  1. Jackie says:

    Happy birthday Dave. Have a great day. xx

  2. shelly says:

    Happy birthday Dave
    have a great day
    love shelly,fly,chloe and paul

  3. Dave says:

    Many thanks for your kind wishes everyone . Jack/Gra I think we need to talk. maybe crossed wires here since holibobs.XX

  4. paula says:

    happy birthday 🙂
    Paula,Howard and Millie

  5. Del & Dave says:

    Happy birthday pops one year closer to that nursing home!!
    Love Del, Dibs & Bump
    x x x x

  6. Clair & Bump says:

    Happy Birthday Dave! Hope you’ve had a good day
    x x

  7. Dave says:

    Del/Bump you cheaky buggers. thanks though. Dave XX

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