photohunt – road!

Posted: September 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

This weeks theme is “Road” click on the thumbnail to view a larger picture!

The Humber road bridge in Hull.

On the road to the Alps!

Everytime I stepped out onto the road in Amsterdam I nearly got ran over by a bike!

The very busy A6 in Stockport, England!

  1. A really nice selection of shots. Have a great weekend

  2. Aileni Noyle says:

    Very different places – but those are definitely Roads.

  3. Petrus says:

    Yes Amsterdam is a dangerous place for walkers – anyone on a bike has the right of way ..

  4. Napaboaniya says:

    You’ve just brought me along your road trips through these pictures šŸ™‚

  5. butchay says:

    pictures are showing how a very travelled person you are. Very nice!!!

  6. bengbeng says:

    u will probably b surprised but i like the third pic most, the one of the bicycles šŸ™‚

  7. Karen says:

    I had to laugh at the thought of you dodging bikes. Thanks for the tour!

    Write From Karen

  8. Ellen says:

    Hi graham,
    Nice series of road shots. I think I like the Amsterdam shot the best…
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Dragonstar says:

    Good collection of different roads! I love the idea of so many bikes on Amsterdam roads.

  10. Annie says:

    Love your collection of contrasting roads! Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend!

  11. aeirin says:

    I love your shot especially the last photo

  12. Sallyacious says:

    This is an awesome collection of images. Nice stuff.

  13. You have traveled many roads, all of them interesting!

  14. Those are great photos. I love the beautiful night shot.

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