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Jackie took Bekki & Charlotte to Blackpool on friday to spend the day on the Pleasure beach.
The Illuminations were being switched on Friday so it was no shock they bumped in to a celebrity or two….

Bekki & Charlotte outside The mine train!

Bekki & Charlotte on Infusion!


Bekki & Charlotte with Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen.



Photohunt – Beautiful

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This weeks theme is Beautiful, I could have got carried away with the amount of photo’s I have so I thought I’d limit myself to the photo’s I took in Turkey.
You cant beat natural beauty so here are a couple of Mother nature at her best!

Beautiful sunrise over Yashi, Turkey.

Beautiful sunset in Turgatreis, Turkey.

My beautiful daughter bekki in Turkey.

Phothunt – Wrinkled!

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I thought I would share a couple of pics from my recent trip to Turkey for this weeks theme…

A pair of very wrinkly feet in the pool!


This Dude had camels on the beach and has obviously been in the sun far to long 😉


Happy Birthday Jamie

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Happy Birthday Jamie Lou hope you have a great day. love Graham x x x


Photohunt – clouds!

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This weeks theme is “clouds”……

Click on thumbnails to view full size! 😎

Please note I will be at work all day so I won’t be able to return any comments sent until later, thanx 🙂

I saw these clouds above my house, looks like a Hurricane?

Looking down on the clouds above France!

Couldn’t believe I had my camera when this cloud went past, Can anyone else see that it looks like a bird?

Reflections of clouds in my sunglasses!


Happy 17th Birthday Thom

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Happy Birthday Aunty Anne

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Happy birthday Anne, hope David brings you something nice x 😳