Photohunt – Bright!

Posted: June 28, 2008 in Uncategorized


 I tried to be clever and come up with some “bright” idea’s for this week’s theme but failed miserabley! 😦  so I settled for the simple entry….

Have a nice weekend everyone 🙂

click on thumbnail to view larger pic!

The finale to the Stunt show at Disneyland with Bright explosions

Photo from a boat on a Bright sunny day in Amsterdam!

  1. malou says:

    beautiful views amazing place to go…see my entry…

  2. Lynn says:

    I love that second picture!

  3. Nice shots! What’s happened to the car after the stunt?

    Have a great weekend!

  4. MMMM – great bits of “Bright”. Good take on the theme.

  5. mistyeiz says:

    that second pix is very nice! makes me miss amsterdam though. 🙂 it brings back many memories.

  6. gengen says:

    Nice shots you have for the theme. Happy hunting!

  7. carver says:

    Those are both perfect for the bright theme. Happy weekend.

  8. chantillylace1979 says:

    Great photos! I love the the one of Amsterdam…gorgeous!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog

  9. dale says:

    I’m impressed with the explosion capture! Thanks for the visit to my photohunt.

  10. Jason says:

    Wow totally explosive…

  11. napaboaniya says:

    The explosives at the show must have been real exciting 🙂

  12. bingskee says:

    the first picture is perfect for me but looks dangerous at the same time!

  13. I LOVE that second shot, Graham!

  14. I am amazed at the first one and the second should be the winner.

  15. PB says:

    Thanks for visiting. I love your 2nd picture. Always wanted to visit Amsterdam but yet to.

  16. snap catch says:

    Great choice for today’s theme, mine’s up too hope you can drop by… Happy weekend!

  17. Dragonstar says:

    Love that second one! Really bright, but somehow mystical. Beautiful.

  18. mama meji says:

    That firework display shot is awesome. Ad you caught the car’s movement.

  19. Richard says:

    I enjoyed the stunt show myself at Disney World a few weeks ago. It was a blast. Thanks for stopping by my site!

  20. Connie says:

    Great pics for this week’s theme! I love the sunlight in the 2cd one 🙂

  21. Suzanne says:

    I really like the 2nd shot with the bridge!

    Mine is here:

  22. jam says:

    The second pic looks awesome! Have a nice week ahead!

  23. YTSL says:

    Judging from revelations on other parts of your blog, was expecting to see a bright red Man U jersey for this week’s Photo Hunt entry… ;b

  24. Weng says:

    what are you saying “failed miserably”?! these photos are awesome!

    thanks for visiting my PH entry. 🙂

    have a great week ahead!

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