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Photohunt – Bright!

Posted: June 28, 2008 in Uncategorized


 I tried to be clever and come up with some “bright” idea’s for this week’s theme but failed miserabley! 😦  so I settled for the simple entry….

Have a nice weekend everyone 🙂

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The finale to the Stunt show at Disneyland with Bright explosions

Photo from a boat on a Bright sunny day in Amsterdam!

Photohunt – Water!

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 This weeks theme is “Water” here are one or two from my collection.

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I took this in Amsterdam, added the cool water animation later!

This is Joss Stone wading through water backstage of the Knowsley Hall festival!

A very wet Knowsley hall music festival!

Reflection of the South church “Zuiderkerk”, Amsterdam

Water splash on The Big Thunder Mountain ride at Disneyand Paris.

The Water tower, Disney studios!

Flowers in my garden after the rain!

Happy Birthday Aunty Sue.

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Happy birthday, have a nice day, see you soon. x


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After taking Bekki to watch Britains got talent we drove through the estate in Gorton where they filmed  Shameless!

This is The Wellington pub, which is used for the Jockey pub on the show!

Happy Fathers day!

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Happy Fathers day Dad!

Have a good day, see you later, Graham, Thom & Bekki x

Bolton University

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Jackie Thom & I spent the day at the very modern Bolton University which is one of only a few University’s that provide the courses that Thom wishes to do when he leaves College!
We were very impressed, the only disappointment was when we were shown around the hall of residence and Thom noticed that all the rooms had single beds in them! 😯 (he has a double at home) at least he has his priorities right 😆

Britains got talent!

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Bekki & Hannah went to watch Britains got talent at the Apollo…

View pics here

Paula is a cow!

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Jackie & I saw this advert last night, it made us laugh! “paula is a cow who does more than just moo!” 😆

Click on the pic to visit the website 😛

Turn up the sound!

Photohunt- Bad hair!

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OK so this weeks theme is “Bad hair” so rather than embarrass anyone else I thought I’d pick on myself and show you what I thought (at the time, 22 years ago) was a very cool 80’s hair do! 😳


😳 😉 😆

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