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Photohunt – Thirteen

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Unusual one this week, this is the best I could find,


It’s a nature trail plaque at our local park! 😉



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107 entries for last weeks photo comp “Wonderful world of colour” and I won!

thanx for the votes
Voting is now open for this weeks comp “Donald Duck” here

Happy 16th Birthday Jacob

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Happy birthday mate hope you have a good one!

Photohunt – Twist!

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This weeks theme stumped me a little, but after a bit of searching through my photo’s I have found a few pic’s which I think will fit….

This is a sun catcher for the garden that has a glass ball and a cocks body “twisted” around it!

With a “twist” of his wrist, Thom makes a circle with a sparkler!

This is the Millenium bridge, which “twists” over the river Tyne.

cool animation!

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This is a picture I took in Amsterdam earlier this year, I’ve added the moving water effect, cool eh?

Photohunt – Glass!

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Click on pic’s to see original size’s..


A modern “glass” fronted building reflecting an old building in Amsterdam!


A”glass” of beer in Rembrandt’s square, Amsterdam.


Birthday wishes mate,

Thinking of the good times we had together, miss you.

Graham (Big bro)