Photohunt – Twist!

Posted: April 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

This weeks theme stumped me a little, but after a bit of searching through my photo’s I have found a few pic’s which I think will fit….

This is a sun catcher for the garden that has a glass ball and a cocks body “twisted” around it!

With a “twist” of his wrist, Thom makes a circle with a sparkler!

This is the Millenium bridge, which “twists” over the river Tyne.

  1. Yoshi says:

    Nice pics! I love the fireworks one! The bridge is definitely cool.

  2. Great shots. I love the Millennium bridge photo.

  3. byrningbunny says:

    All three of these are nice! The details are incredible in each of them – like the spider web in the first one and framing the face in the midst of the sparklers in the dark! Very nice.

  4. Buge says:

    Great shots! I especially the one with the sparklers… beautiful!

    Happy weekend! 🙂

  5. Mishelle says:

    All so perfect for the theme, but my favorite is the middle one!

  6. bingskee says:

    hi, graham! i think it’s my first time here. and i am glad i was given the opportunity to visit.

    i like the cock’s body and how it twisted around that glass ball. very creative.

  7. Gattina says:

    You found very nice twisted things !

  8. Lorelee says:

    what a nice shots you have.!

  9. Carin says:

    Great twisted ideas and the pictures are very nice. Like that circled sparkle! Caught it in just the right moment.

  10. napaboaniya says:

    Love the effects from those sparkles 🙂
    Have a good weekend!

  11. danielctw says:

    I really love the fireworks… nice…

    Have a good weekend to you 🙂

  12. Hootin' Anni says:

    Excellent twisties!!! And happy birthday to Jacob!!!

    I’m Twisted! Drop by if you can. Happy Hunting.

  13. Sabine says:

    Beautiful shots – I wouldn’t be able to say which I like the most! 🙂

  14. John says:

    Great twisties collection!

  15. Sabine says:

    oops I didn’t fix the link to an older photohunt… sorry!

  16. Criz Lai says:

    The fireworks sparks caught my attention immediately. Great shots Graham 🙂

  17. all nice photos, I want the rooster

  18. pearl says:

    Wow, these are really amazing pictures. I can’t find a favourite. I love them all….:)

    Pearl – have a good weekend

  19. Rachel says:

    Very cool photos. I think the sparkler is my favorite! I must also admire your ManU flag-we’re big fans in this household! Thanks for stopping by!

  20. lotis says:

    the bridge is very cool, technically twisted

  21. Dragonstar says:

    Those are all good, but my favourite is the garden sun-catcher.

  22. beautiful pics! my favorite’s the first one. i can totally see the spiderweb! 🙂

  23. my3boysandi says:

    thanks for visiting my blog
    I like your photos

  24. pelfy says:

    The sun catcher is beautiful. I see twisted cobwebs too. Happy weekend (=

  25. Sanni says:

    Just WOW! I couldn´t decide which one would be my favorite! You did a great job on “twist(ed)”.

    Happy Hunting!

  26. Bengbeng says:

    fantastic shots from u this week. i particularly like the 1st and 3rd pic. it must have been difficult to get the second pic

  27. BlurMommy says:

    I love the sparkler photo.

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