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Paul Scholes he scores goals!

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Come on United!

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Mini moto accident!

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I’ve been waiting for Mr Dean to assemble his Mini moto so we can go and race them!

So yesterday after getting a little impatient I decide to waz the little bike up & down the drive, being a bloke I wanted to see how fast I could go before having to brake! Of course the inevitable happened I clipped the trailer which sent me & the bike sliding down our gravel drive 😳

The bike got away with a few scrapes, I managed to take chunks of skin out of my knee, thigh, elbows and hands! 🙄

When Paula, Howard & Millie came round Howard brought some spray plaster  which puts a protective film over the wound!

As you can see it dosen’t sting at all!

Happy Birthday Karl

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Happy Birthday mate hope you have a great day!


I have found a couple of pic’s from our trip to Turkey back in 2005,


“DUR” in England is what we say if someone has said or done something silly! as demonstrated by my daughter Bekki. 😆


I think this was a bank, maybe you have to do what the sign suggest’s to get a loan! 😕

Schoolstar Superstar!

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Well done to Bekki & the rest of the girls (Destiny) who performed in Schoolstar Superstar 2 on Thursday night, it was a great night!

thanks to Paula & Millie for supporting Bekki 🙂

Happy Birthday Jon.

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Happy Birthday matey, hope you have a great day.