How may legs?

Posted: December 12, 2007 in Uncategorized


Kept us busy at work for 5 minutes!

  1. sueberkon says:

    is it 2758 ??????? telll me tell me tell me….lol

  2. graham says:

    Not even close! 😳

  3. sueberkon says:


  4. sueberkon says:

    19222 that gotta be it….

  5. sueberkon says:

    i give in…. 😦

  6. graham says:

    One kid has 392 cats
    seven kids have 2744 cats
    total number of cat legs 10976
    total with 14 kids legs 10990! 😉

  7. Del & David says:

    What about the bus driver…….??????? He has legs….. 🙂

  8. graham says:

    He’s buggered off, he’s allergic to cats! 😆

  9. Del & David says:

    would have thought each child had 7 bags X 7 big cats X 7 kittens = 343 cats each child. I can’t work it out to 392. Tell me where i’m going wrong… please…..i need to know…!!! 😉

  10. sueberkon says:

    I guess im crap at mental arithmatic…..just mental..PS if you didnt guess already its dave answering these questions…HOME tommorrow for Good. No more Northern Ireland….looking forward to New York next week. so get your orders in ASAP. see you all very soon…If I dont see any of you before Xmas have a great one..lots of love Davexx

  11. graham says:

    1 cat + 7 kittens = 8 cats
    7 cats+ 49kittens – 56 cats per bag
    56 x 7 = 392
    x 7 kids = 2744 cats
    x 4 legs = 10976 legs,
    + 14 kids legs = 10990! 🙄

    Have a good un matey see you when you get back.

  12. Mike says:

    14 legs. Only 7 kids in the bus. no cats.

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