Posted: September 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’ve been to the doctors today & he has made me an appointment at Wythington hospital to have a camera down my throat!

hmmmm, can’t wait!

  1. Dave Sue says:

    make sure you get put out for it and you will be fine sue x x

  2. Dave Sue says:

    Hi Graham,
    Steve here,Del;s Dad!!! Make sure they use a small camera!!!! Best wishes to you Jackie and the Kids see you soon.

  3. john berkon says:

    Just be thankful it’s that end Graham 🙂
    Good Luck with that!
    John & Clair

  4. Dave Sue says:

    Aneka Rice and her whole crew…..Always look on the brightside of life…LOL.see you soon..dave

  5. graham says:

    I dont mind the camera, I just dont understand why they have to send the sound man down as well?

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