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Happy 11th Birthday Boo!

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Have a fab day lots of love,

Mum, Dad & Thom x x x

Bekki’s pink Limo party…

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 Check out the pics in My gallery

School Easter egg…

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Bekki decided to keep with the theme of PINK LIMO’S this week by making a limo out of 2 eggs and a kitchen roll!


Well done Bekki, all your own work, it looks fab!


Lady Penelope……

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Wow! Lucky Bekki was picked up this afternoon in a PINK STRETCHED HUMMER For her friend Abbie’s Birthday!

 (Happy Birthday Abbie)


And next week Bekki will get picked up (with some of her friends from school for Bekki’s Birthday) by a PINK STRETCHED LIMO!

What happened to just going to the pictures for your Birthday? 🙂

Check out the pics in My gallery

Well done!

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Well done Bekki & the girls from St Joseph’s, for winning the Cheerleading comp today, beating other School’s from Stockport!

Also well done Bekki for your Dancing exam’s on Sunday, were very proud of you  x

Red Nose day…….

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Bekki & I enjoyed Red Nose day!

Golf season starts today!

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After a long winter break, We (L.G.S.) play our first game of the season today….

This e mail is flying around the world at the moment…….


The story says that the Boeing Company is developing a radical new passenger jetliner that will carry 1,000 passengers. It’s designated the 797 and is a “blended wing” design looking a lot like the old flying wing experiments of the 50’s.
The Truth: went straight to the source, the Boeing Company. A spokesperson said that it is not true that Boeing is developing a commercial blended wing aircraft and asked that ‘Truth or Fiction’ help stop the perpetuation of the story.

What is true, according to Boeing, is that Boeing Phantom Works, the company’s advanced research and development organization, is doing research on the blended wing body design as a potential military aircraft. Boeing has built a scale model to test its low-speed flying characteristics in a wind tunnel. There are also plans (as of 7/13/07) to flight test a scale model.

United charity game pics….

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I’ve put some pics from last night’s game in My gallery

Ronaldo’s free kick….Sorry about the shakey bit at the end, I got excited!! 🙂

Bekki, Karl, Jake & Les joining in with the Mexican wave at Old Trafford!

What a game!

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Excellent night, Bekki, Jake & Karl had a fab night

 (I think they enjoyed the Mexican wave most) 🙂

I’ll put the pics in My Gallery later….