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Birthday Hijack

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Bekki and I are hijacking Graham’s blog for 10 minutes to wish him a very happy 39th birthday. (sorry I didn’t mean to mention your age).

We love you so much.  Hope you have a great day.


Jackie and Bekki.


Arrived safely!

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Thom phoned us today, they arrived about 3 p.m. (27 hours on the coach)

They went Dover to Calais then through Germany & Austria to Italy,

He said he was knackered, but the Hotel was really nice and  he’s looking forward to skiing tomorrow!


Thom goes to Italy today on a school skiing trip (lucky sod)

Have a fantastic time mate on the piste! (and I do mean the slope) 🙂

Love you,

Mum, Dad & Bekki x

Well done kids….

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Karl , Vikki & Sam in their school production of Joseph.

For more pics click here:My gallery

Southpark me!

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This is me!!

As a new Southpark character, cool eh?

Have a go, click here Southpark yourself have fun!

Good luck Karl!

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Well done Thom!

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Well done Thom & the rest of the cast from Harrytown.

We were very proud of you, Nanna, Grandad, Gran, Grandad & Bekki all said you were brill too!

And you even got a good comment from Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley from Corronation street) who was sat next to Grandad Alan.

I’ve put some pics in My gallery (sorry about the quality, no flash allowed)