A T.V. star!

Posted: February 27, 2007 in Uncategorized


Les is having a little delicate procedure today that he dosn’t want to draw any attention to!

 Hope it goes well mate, and don’t forget to ask the nurse to blow on her hands first!

Oh and ask if you can get a copy on VHS! 🙂

  1. Michael Winner says:

    Is it just the camera or the full film crew?

  2. Barclay's says:

    Her hands..might as well as she won’t find anything sizeable down there…

    I think the fright may of shrunk things a tad…

    At least it’s not the umbrella treatment…ouch

  3. Nurse Gladys says:

    Hello All!

    I will be the Nurse attending to Leslie’s “Little Percy” today. Just to let you know he is in safe hands. I will be giving “Little Percy” a Local Anaesthetic to numb the pain, then we can Clamp him open and go on to film our materpiece. Where we have the Director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre carrying out the procedure.

    Good Luck Les!!!!

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