Birthday Hijack

Posted: February 19, 2007 in Uncategorized



Bekki and I are hijacking Graham’s blog for 10 minutes to wish him a very happy 39th birthday. (sorry I didn’t mean to mention your age).

We love you so much.  Hope you have a great day.


Jackie and Bekki.

  1. Jackie says:

    Love you loads Graham. Hope you liked your pressie. xxxx

  2. Graham says:

    Thank you both but I’m sure I’m 38? 😉

  3. Helen says:

    38 my arse!!!
    Have a great birthday and i’m not saying anything about being SOOOOOOOOOOO old!
    HAPPY 39th OLD friend x

  4. Millie says:

    k pl ,m, ,l ,,?]l ;

    Love from Millie


  5. Graham says:

    Tpfsj Millie x

  6. karl says:

    happy birthday graham have a brilliant day

  7. chelsie says:

    happy birthday graham hope you have a lovely day xx chelsie xx

  8. Graham says:

    Cheers Karl,
    Thanks Nikki 😉

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