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A T.V. star!

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Les is having a little delicate procedure today that he dosn’t want to draw any attention to!

 Hope it goes well mate, and don’t forget to ask the nurse to blow on her hands first!

Oh and ask if you can get a copy on VHS! 🙂

Thom’s home!

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Thom arrived back about 4 p.m. today.

Sounds like he had a fantastic time.  He won two medals, not sure what for yet as he was absolutely knackered & went to bed shortly after tea!

When I find out more I’ll let you know.

Welcome home mate we all missed you.



Crazy weekend!

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Jackie & Bekki came home from Wales on Friday with Sue, Dave & Karl in tow!

So my plans for getting the decorating finished went  out of the window! (bummer eh?)

Lots of alcohol & chocolate, oh & thanks for the megga sour sweets Dave! (blurrgh)

Excellent fun cheers guys 🙂

Getting ready for Thom coming home from Italy, 27 hours on a coach, soooooo lucky!

What a nightmare!

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slob.jpgLast night was hell!

Had what I want for Tea, watched what I want on the T.V, fell asleep on the sofa, drank lots of beer, went to bed late!

Jackie: I’ve washed the pots, tidied up done the ironing. x 😉

Home alone…..

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Jackie, Bekki & Vikki have gone to Dave & Sue’s for a couple of days & Thom’s in Italy!



Busy weekend!

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Friday we went to Pizza hut, (birthday tea for me as Thom was going to Italy!)

Saturday we saw Thom off to Italy then we had Bekki dancing & of course football and then we went to Helen’s for a little drink!!

Sunday we went bowling & a meal with Helen, Colin Jess & Joe.

Phew! pics in <My gallery

Thank you

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Birthday Hijack

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Bekki and I are hijacking Graham’s blog for 10 minutes to wish him a very happy 39th birthday. (sorry I didn’t mean to mention your age).

We love you so much.  Hope you have a great day.


Jackie and Bekki.

Arrived safely!

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Thom phoned us today, they arrived about 3 p.m. (27 hours on the coach)

They went Dover to Calais then through Germany & Austria to Italy,

He said he was knackered, but the Hotel was really nice and  he’s looking forward to skiing tomorrow!


Thom goes to Italy today on a school skiing trip (lucky sod)

Have a fantastic time mate on the piste! (and I do mean the slope) 🙂

Love you,

Mum, Dad & Bekki x